A repeal of SB0281 has been filed for this year! Here is to hoping for the best.
Bill Link

Greetings! The 2014 session will begin on Jan 8 and it's almost time to start keeping an eye on them.

"Responsibility without Accountability"

The membership of the Maryland General Assembly has once again failed to represent the State of Maryland. Now it is time to take them to task. We have allowed the few to dictate the moral direction of the many, while completely disregarding the majority. We have all listened to our politicians tell us one thing on a Monday, only to turn around and stab us in the back on a Thursday. The days of voting the party line just for the sake of it must come to an end. We must take back control of OUR government. It is a responsibility we give to them to govern, we must demand accountability.

This site will keep a close eye on each legislator, their voting record and when they are up for re-election. If your legislator refuses to represent you, they must go!

For your faxing, posting and mailing pleasure, I have created a little flyer. in color or in grayscale. Enjoy!!